Galileo FX Review, MyFxbook and Tutorial 2020

If you are looking for an unbiased, extensive and detailed Galileo FX review, please continue reading.

Galileo FX is one of the latest Forex autotrading apps in the industry, with over 5,000 downloads on the day of its release.

In this review of Galileo FX we’ll go into details and all the features of Galileo FX, including company details, automated trading features, presets, and how to use it to start making profitable trades quickly — basically all your questions answered!

Let’s start with our Galileo FX Review!

Galileo FX Company Details

Galileo FX is based in Dublin has been operational since 2020, and the firm has a reputation for continuing to improve their trading algorithms with each successive year.
Galileo FX logo © Galileo FX Ltd

Initially founded as an technology advisory business for investment banking clients, hedge funds and private equity firms, Galileo FX has entered the industry of retail automated trading apps in 2020 with Galileo FX and has taken the industry by surprise with its ease of use, accuracy and statistical profitability.

Galileo FX has already been featured on important publications, including:

  • MarketWatch
  • Yahoo Finance

As one of the most profitable autotrading apps on the market, Galileo FX offers an easy user interface, great customer service and plenty of options to trade on autopilot.

Galileo FX is an app which is suitable for new users and experienced traders alike, and its high level of daily users is testament to the sort of service provided by the brand.

Galileo FX MyFxBook:Why is there no Galileo FX MyFxBook?

One of the first questions we asked XarbiT during our interview was: why is there no MyFxBook for Galileo FX?

What I found out was very interesting. They explained how easy it is to cheat MyFxBook with a few hundreds dollars and how so many scammers are using it to target their victims. It was in that moment that I realized that all the forex bots with stellar MyFxBook charts I had purchased in the past were scamming me.

To prove their point, the Galileo FX team sent a screenshot of a “MyFxBook Hacker Wizard” from India that can be hired on a popular task website. The conclusion is clear: MyFxBook can be easily manipulated, so don’t trust any MyFxBook! At least the people at Galileo FX are honest, which makes me trust them even more.

They also sent me the following links which prove that manipulating MyFxBook is easily, and now I understand their decision of not promoting Galileo FX on MyFxBook.

How do you know that a Myfxbook account is fake?

Possible to fake trading results on Myfxbook website?

Be cautious of Myfxbook stats. They can be manipulated.

Galileo FX Benefits

  • Compatible with NFA, FIFO, MT4 and MT5 Build 600+
  • 60+ Tested and Proven Settings included
  • Effective Trade Management To Ensure Sustainable Growth
  • Supports Multiple Currency Pairs
  • Multiple Filters To Avoid Bad Market Conditions
  • Instant Download after successful payment
  • Easy 5-Minutes Installation with Video and Full Guide
  • Loss Protection (my top drawdown has been 20%)
  • 24h Support by chat and email
  • Updates Included
  • 100% Verified Results

Safety & Security of Galileo FX

The Galileo FX website uses the very latest in SSL/TLS encryption to ensure your data remains safe. Customers can make their purchases using credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Maestro and Diners Club), PayPal, Amazon Pay, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay and many others. What’s more, a quick research shows that there are already some very positive Galileo FX reviews online.

When you purchase Galileo FX, you are purchasing a license to use the app — your trading funds are never accessible by Galileo FX. Your trading funds always remain in your broker’s bank account. This guarantees extra security compared to most forex autotrading apps.

Galileo FX: Contact Details and Customer Support

Galileo FX customer support is available 24/7 via the following means:

Galileo FX Review: Final Verdict

We hope you have found our Galileo FX review useful. Galileo FX is incredibly popular and has a unique and intuitive user interface which makes autotrading as easy as can be.

With over 60 ready-to-use presets and plenty of features, it’s easy to see why thousands of people make use of this app every day. Galileo FX certainly comes recommended for new users and experienced traders alike.

If you wish to contact us, please visit our About page.

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